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Navigating estate planning, senior matters and elder care.

Welcome to Idaho Estate Planning’s Blog, a guide to navigating estate planning and elder care. Our goal is to provide experienced legal insights and education on senior matters.

Our blog, authored by experienced professionals including founding attorney, Mark Wight, and Carly Ward, and other team members, addresses crucial topics such as drafting wills, establishing trusts, navigating Idaho’s legal landscape, avoiding senior-targeted scams, reducing elder abuse risk, and planning for long-term care. We also cover Medicaid, estate planning basics, and senior living options in Idaho.

We understand the unique challenges faced by seniors. Our articles offer practical advice on managing assets and ensuring your legal affairs are in order. We emphasize safeguarding against prevalent scams and abuse to create a secure environment for your later years.

With a wealth of experience in Idaho’s estate law, our mission goes beyond planning for the future; it’s about ensuring a safe, informed, and secure present. Explore our blog, suggest topics, and reach out with any questions or for personal legal advice. Let’s tackle the challenges of aging together with confidence and peace of mind.